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Confronting Traevus

After their trials through the dungeon of the Ghost Tower, the party had retrieved the four fragments of the key. Toxan laid them out on the floor and formed a square frame out of the blue shards. He lifted the frame and moved it towards the violet mist. As he held it there, he felt some unknown force tug at it. As he let go, the frame lifted into the mist, the small blue fragments stretching and forming a doorway in the mist.

Cautious of what lay on the other side, Traevus emphasised a stealthy approach, suggesting that Theren sneak through. Unimpressed, but seeing he was the best equipped for the job, Theren stepped forward. As he walked through the mist, Theren could make out the room beyond. Skeletal warriors, some in wretched condition, stood at the ready in the massive chamber, protecting the spectral form of a headless humanoid dressed in long, flowing robes. After reporting back to the group, Morphos saw if he could detect the ghost’s aura.

Unfortunately for him, his large frame and lack of caution meant he ended up on the other side of the mist. As he stood in the doorway. the skeletons turned in his direction in unison, swords and bows at the ready. The headless figure turned towards him as a cackle echoes through the room. Before it attacked, Morphos offered to give him the skull in exchange. The ghost agreed, but threatened to slaughter them all if they didn’t bring it back soon.

Okey Dokey.

Darm was on board with Morphos’ suggestion, but Traevus refused to hand over the skull. Toxan agreed, then suggested that they use Garrosh‘s skull as a decoy. Theren and Traevus agreed while Morphos didn’t seem to care, though he revealed that the ghost was probably Anarus Kalton, the former Lord of Kalton Manor. Traevus stayed back, while the party moved into the other room, with Theren staying hidden in the mist. Anarus demanded the skull, which Toxan threw at him, causing it to shatter into pieces. As he turns to attack Toxan, Morphos made a remark about Traevus. Enraged at hearing the name, Anarus screamed in anger. Darm attempted to bluff he had misheard him saying ‘Maevus’, but he sounded unconvinced himself. Toxan then tried to convince Anarus that he was dead, but that didn’t work either.

He’s dead! I have poled him to the floor!

Anarus told them that Traevus, a former student of his, had been the one to murder Anarus. Malareth, his other student, had set out to track him down and retrieve his skull, so he may rest in piece. He claimed that his skull would be a dangerous weapon in the hands of another necromancer. Anarus demanded that they bring Traevus to him or suffer the consequences.

Traevus, once confronted, denied every accusation, accusing Anarus of turning them against each other to split the group. Theren kept his bow readied as the party discussed what to do with him. While they were unconvinced by his protestations, Darm objected to handing him over to Anarus to be killed. They decided they would take the skull from Traevus and leave him tied up in the chamber. As Morphos moved to grab him, Traevus revealed hidden staff and shot a powerful blast at him, knocking Morphos to the floor and immobilising him. As Morphos fell, Theren unleashed an arrow but missed his target. The rest of the party leapt to Morphos’ aid and a battle with the necromancer ensued.

He’ll fight to the death, or beyond it!

Traevus turned out to be a clever and powerful opponent, but the party slowly gained the upper hand. Sensing this, Traevus summoned two skeletons to aid him in battle. Despite being a worthy adversary, Traevus was struck down by Toxan, the skeletons collapsing where they stood.

To be continued…


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